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Dr. Pilar Mendoza

Dr. Mendoza is an associate professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Development in the Department of Education at Mizzou and deeply committed to cross-cultural communication and learning. "Glocal" could be her middle name.

Jack Williams -- Singer, song-writer, performer, teacher

Jack's life is a musical odyssey. We cover as much as we can in the hour including a couple of his beautiful songs.

Beth Hendren: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Beth Hendren announces the Out of the Darkness Community Walk on October 20 at Stephens Lake Park at 1:30.

One Read at the Daniel Boone Regional Library: Nomadland

Lauren Williams and Seth Smith bring to life the revelations and lessons of Nomadland by Jessica Bruder, this years One Read at Columbia's Daniel Boone Regional Library.

Muna AlSheikh

Muna AlSheikh is a Middle Eastern woman with Palestinian parents who began to question her prejudices and worldview as a teenager.

Jeremie Loncka - Actors Gang - Prison Project

Jeremie Loncka is the director of programming for The Actor's Gang Prison Project in California.

Lydia Isnanto

Lydia Isnanto is a film maker living with her husband in Austin, TX. Her latest short film is titled THIS IS ME.

Tom's Tech Talk

Tom Piper of Jefferson City interviews Joe Mertzlufft of Columbia, Missouri.

Paul Sturtz

Paul Sturtz of Columbia, Missouri shares why he is taking time to play a role in the political arena by actively supporting Elizabeth Warren.

Jim McCarthy

Jim is a veteran of the Vietnam War now living in Columbia, MO. He has just published a memoir of the years 1967-1970 titled Alone in the Rain: Reliving Vietnam to Relieve PTSD.

Doug Banner

Doug Banner of Bellingham, Washington is an educator, woodworking craftsman, and consultant to individuals and groups throughout the world.

Scott and Susan Randolph

These two are committed volunteers in Jefferson City with Moms Demand Action promoting Gun Sense in America.

Eli Solidum

Eli is a 2016 Mizzou grad making his way as a millennial in this shrinking world. 47 countries and at least 3 money-making businesses under his belt already.

Leigh Lockhart

Leigh Lockhart is founder and owner of Main Squeeze, the vegetarian cafe of Central Missouri located on S. 9th Street in Columbia, MO.

C.W. Dawson and Juneteenth

Rev. C.W. Dawson, PhD, discusses the history and importance of Juneteenth. Emancipation is a term that applies not only to Black Slaves, but to every human being that has ever been 'enslaved' by the suggestion apparatus of society.

Murphy Ward

Murphy Ward talks about his life (mixed race, single mom in Camdenton, Mizzou student, actor, playwright) and his passions.

Rochel Rittgers

Rochel Rittgers is a master healer and the CEO and of Infinite Living in Bettendorf, Iowa. She evolved from a career in sports medicine to one in Energy Medicine through the practice of medical Qi-gong and more.

Mohammad Saleh

Local Columbia, Missouri entrepreneur and graduate of Mizzou (BS in Biology, BS in Health Sciences, Masters in Public Health) shares his family's journey from Palestine to Columbia and their business: The Olive Branch Cafe.

Announcing Dr. Tererai Trent

Tina Edholm (ESCP) and Theresa Solis Metz (Mizzou Ed The Bridge) are professional staff persons with the College of Education at Mizzou promoting Dr. Tererai Trent’s Distinguished Lecture at the Missouri Theatre March 5th.

Sara Morell-Vaughn

Sara Morell-Vaughn shares her story of transformation from constant debilitation to wholistic health which led her to co-create a foundation called E.L.L.S.S.A. and a business called Nature of No More. The foundation has worked with the Jean Houston Foundation to produce the Social Artistry Odyssey and is now responsible for its future.

Deirdre (D.K.) Hirner

Deirdre Hirner has shared her expertise most recently as a lobbyist supporting organizations that are working to build a more humane world. In this conversation she describes the process of writing a bill and getting it through the system.

Diana Rankin

Diana Rankin is an author & speaker, intuitive & coach, workshop & seminar leader, and psychic medium guiding individuals and groups to their highest purpose. Her website. Her phone # is 937-362-2117.

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