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STOP KILLING US with Antonio Lewis

Antonio Lewis was recently in the news leading a protest in Zone 3 of Atlanta, GA demanding NO MORE POLICE KILLINGS. This trained Community Organizer works in communications for a local union which includes Police Officers.

Kylar Broadus

Kylar Broadus was born in my hometown of Fayette, MO the very day of the March on Washington and MLK's famous speech. He would end up living in D.C. and working as a lawyer, lobbyist and activist. This conversation tells the early stories. The rest are in linked articles about him.

Sergio & Elena Rapu

Eating Up Easter is their documentary about Easter Island. They tell a beautiful story about the people and land and how they are adapting to tourism, trash, and the challenge of preserving and evolving their island culture. It aired May, 2020 on PBS Independent Lens.

Che Gutierrez

Che is a 26 year old Hispanic-African-American on a spiritual quest. He uses his dance, music and voice to express his heart and mind.

Vander Hughes

After a short statement by Dick Dalton sharing his perspective on current events, Vander tells his story from being a 16 year-old in St. Louis and making a big mistake to miraculously working his way out of a life sentence, graduating from Lincoln University and starting Bodies by Vander.

Ed Hanson

Ed came to Columbia, Mo for college in 1973 and has become an integral part of the community primarily through his talent as a performer and producer of high quality plays and musicals. He's about to join me in Medicare and also make a major shift in his life.

Grace Craighead

Grace Craighead is the Winner of the Arnold Krekel and James Milton Turner Youth Essay Contest celebrating German Abolitionists of Missouri. Courtney Harrel was her History teacher at Jefferson City High School. Cindy Browne was the Executive Director of the Deutschheim State Historic Site in Hermann Missouri.

Cecilia Nadal

We discover this human treasure in St. Louis, Missouri co-creating one Cross-Cultural Engagement after another through various organizations and modalities.

Brian Luke Seaward, PhD

Dr. Luke Seaward reconnects with me on subjects ranging from mystical experiences, human spirituality, managing stress, the Galactic Neighborhood, to touring Ireland and more.

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Our conversation touched on the power of Circles for both women and men, her book Goddesses in Every Woman and the use of archetypes in understanding ourselves, and how staying at home now is both an act of love and an opportunity.

Donaray Seville 2020

An intimate conversation about why he left his work in Zambia, how he committed to heal himself of depression, and how he is adapting to life with covid 19 in Chicago.

Turning Isolation into Inspiration

This is Dr. Jane Battenberg's interview with Dr. Dick Dalton airing on her She recently read a poem he wrote and asked him to read it and discuss ways to turn isolation into inspiration.

Dr Clint Rogers

This most fascinating conversation tells of several people's intersecting life journeys and the powerful results. The main three are Clint Rogers, his father, and Dr Naram--a healer from India. Two results are a new healer and a must get book.

Gil Bar-Sela and Laurie Archbold

Gil and Laurie have been leaders for years with the Compassionate Listening Project and last fall co-led a delegation of around 20 trained listeners to Israel-Palestine. We learned as much as we could about what goes into a journey.

Christina Schooler

Christina is the founder of The Rooted Method--a dynamic coaching and retreat business where mother nature, neuroscience and feminine embodiment intersect. Listen as she shares her journey and offers practical examples of one of her exercises.

Yael Petretti

Yael has been on the ground active in promoting human rights and cross-cultural understanding at least since high school in Virginia in 1968. Most recently she co-led a delegation of Compassionate Listeners "Listening with the Heart in Alabama."

Darius Watson

Dr. Watson is an associate professor of Political Science at Lincoln University of Missouri. After living about 30 years in New York and teaching 8 years in Nebraska, his recent move to Missouri and LU has been a very helpful eye-opener for him.

Daniel OGuin

Daniel is a Dream Designer, an evocateur, an album producer and more. His portfolio includes designs for Google, Carvill/Sotheby's, Paul Hawken, and Nature of No More. He lives in Hawaii but travels as much as he can.

Victoria Day

Vic Day of Columbia, MO is a KOPN volunteer, movement specialists, and licensed counselor. Thoughts and movements work in patterns that can be beneficial or detrimental to our goals. Vic provides ways to give us choices in both areas.

Hermann Black History Month Symposium 2020

Saturday February 29, Hermann, MO will host a Symposium, as part of their first official Black History Month celebration, bringing out the rich history of German immigrants fighting for the abolition of slavery in Missouri.

Arthur Gafke

Art Gafke is a retired Methodist minister with training in Community Organizing and author of the book, Strong Ministry: Strengthening Your Pastoral Ministry. He lives with his wife in Nevada and contributes to building a more humane world.

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